Ahoy sailor, well done you just found the Treasure Island of the Pirate Flags! Here everyone is welcome, pirates, privateers, buccaneers, freebooters, whether you are a captain or a sailor it does not matter. It's up to you to become whoever you want to become, but to do that you have to choose your pirate ship. Try to choose well, this flag will be your identity on the seas and oceans.

The Pirate Flag is an impressive decoration

To all fans of pirate and the legendary adventures of those fascinating men who were pirates. Bring the special atmosphere of that era into your living room or bedroom by hoisting a piracy flag on the wall. There will always be a reason to decorate your home with a Jolly Roger flag.
    • The black flag is perfect for complementing a ship-style decoration with a wooden barrel or pirate chest accompanying a rum-filled bar, for example.
    • Perfect if you are a history lover, you will find your happiness with the many flags of the most famous pirates of piracy.
    • Display your love for pirate movies or video games like Pirates of the Caribbean, One Piece, Pirate Family or Assassin's Creed Black Flag.
    • For a pirate theme party or birthday party, as well as for Halloween.
    • Decorate your ship to relive the feeling of freedom and adventure of pirates.
    • Proudly display your Jolly Roger on your bike to express your rebellious side.

Raise the Jolly Roger flag to claim your freedom

Pirates sailed the seas in their ships, sloops and vessels in search of freedom and glory. Their philosophy was that we can die tomorrow so we might as well live the present to the fullest. To take advantage of life and the abundance that it can offer us is the niche of the pirates. Express this feeling by raising a black flag at home or on your bike. Show your rebellious, lawless side.
No more being a freshwater sailor, become a legendary pirate captain with one of our many flags. At Sons of Pirate, we offer you a wide selection of Jolly Roger flags suitable for outdoor use (flagpole and ship) or for wall decoration at home. They are also suitable for rebel Bikers. Check out our bestsellers here! The design of our flags is sturdy, weatherproof and flaunt the wind proudly. Thanks to HD screen printing, their colors are rich and brilliant, for a beautiful look. Made of 100% polyester material and available in large size, 3x5 ft (90x150 cm) as well as 2x3 ft (60x 90 cm).

Famous Pirates Flag

Fond of history and piracy? You've come to the right place, we offer a range of flags that belonged to the greatest and most famous pirates in history. These include Edward Teach aka Blackbeard, Jack Rackham, Bartholomew Roberts, Henry Avery, Olivier Levasseur aka La Buse, Stede Bonnet, Samule Bellamy aka Black Sam, Emmanuel Wynne and many more. Each Jolly Roger has its own story, its own meaning, choose the one that makes you dream the most or the one of the pirate you like the most. Men who had a thirst for freedom and fortune.

Classic Pirate Pavilion

Just a fan of pirates and their rebellious spirits? In this collection, you'll find Jolly Roger with skull and crossbones on black background. Get a Jolly Roger flag that makes a statement to send the message you want to your enemies. Black, white or red flag, with swords, hourglass, red scarf and skull, you'll find a wide selection here. Decorate your room or your living room with the most beautiful Jolly Roger thanks to Sons of Pirate.

One Piece Pirate Flag

Manga and pirate fan? Our One Piece Flags are made for you ! Find Luffy, Zoro Nami, Usopp, Franky, Brook, Shanks the Redhead and others famous pirate in our One Piece collection.

Pirates of the Caribbean Flag

If you're a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga like us, then you're bound to fall for one of our Pirates of the Caribbean Flags. Go challenge Captain Salazar or go in search of the Fountain of Youth, you take the helm and decide what happens next.

Original Pirate Flag

The Jolly Roger has endured through the ages, and today it is an essential emblem of piracy, which has led to it being revisited a good number of times. Discover our collection of Original Pirate Flag to mix your love of pirates with a folkloric decoration. You'll also find in this collection the Sea Shepherd Flag, which is the flag of an organization fighting against marine pollution. If you're a video game fan, you'll probably like the Assassin's Creed Flag featuring the Ubisoft game.

Kids Pirate Flag

Are you still a young sailor, but your love for pirates is great? Don't worry, this collection of Kids Pirate Flag is made for you. Great for birthday parties, Halloween or decorating a young child's room. Keep your childlike spirit and go on a treasure hunt by hoisting your flag.

? Why do pirates have flags and what do they mean?

Pirates use flags or flags to send a message to opposing ships, often of intimidation. Each flag can signify an intention, such as an impending attack, a proposal to lay down arms and surrender without violence, or the Jolly Roger flag was simply used to recognize each other in the distance to avoid attacking their allies.  

? In what year did pirates create the first pirate flag?

There are several stories about the first black flag, but the most famous pirate being that of Emmanuel Wynne, a famous French pirate from the golden age of piracy. He is said to have been the 1st to hoist a Jolly Roger in 1700 off the coast of Cuba. His Jolly Roger flag was made of black cloth with a white skull, crossed shins and a white hourglass represented on it. He would thus be the creator of the black flag with white skull and crossbones design.  

? What is the famous black pirate flag called?

The famous flag has spanned the centuries, but remains as famous and iconic as ever. It is called the JOLLY ROGER. Generally, it is a black flag with a skull and crossbones in white.  

? Why is the pirate flag called Jolly Roger?

The so peculiar name of this flag, Jolly Roger would in fact be originally in reference to the "joli rouge" the flag of the French corsairs. Indeed, they would unfurl a red flag to signify to enemy ships that there would be no mercy. From this pretty red term would have come the Jolly Roger, from a mispronunciation of the English.  

? What symbols are present on pirate flags?

Jolly Roger were often similar, but usually famous captains like Blackbeard, Black Sam, Calico Jack or even Bartholomew Roberts had their own flag. However, the symbols were always the same:
    • a skull
    • crossbones
    • an hourglass
    • a heart
    • a skeleton
    • a pirate
    • pirate swords or sabers

? Why does the pirate flag have a skull and crossbones?

The skull and crossbones on a flag is purely an intimidation, the famous skull and crossbones terrorized many sailors during the golden age of piracy. The skull and crossed bones flag meant that the pirate ship wanted to board and that if there was any resistance, they would be slaughtered.  

? What does the heart on the pirate flag mean?

The heart on the black flag is often accompanied by a spear piercing it! This is a powerful and bloodthirsty message, either the enemy ships would surrender and offer up their spoils, or their crews would meet a violent and barbaric death.  

? What do the swords on the pirate flag mean?

Crossed swords or sabers on a flag simply meant that they were ready to fight and go on the attack, once hoisted it was often too late for the opposing fleets.  

? What does the hourglass on the pirate flag mean?

An hourglass was often found on the Jolly Roger, a rather effective means of persuasion. It symbolized the flow of time, bringing enemies closer to death. It was best not to run into this kind of Jolly Roger if you valued your life.  

? What does the red pirate flag mean?

The red flag of the pirates, certainly the most terrifying and bloody. A flag on a red background wanted to show the color of blood that will flow. Once hoisted it was a call to barbarism and violence, no mercy for the opposing crews, no prisoners will be taken. It's for hte