Our store specialized in the world of piracy Sons of Pirate offers you the largest collection of Pirate Rings online! As a fan of the pirate and privateer era, join the crew, but don't forget your jewelry. Every self-respecting pirate must have at least one ring on his finger. Choose your style, skulls, anchors, compass, compass rose, you will find your precious in this collection designed for free and rebellious sailors.


Lovers of lust and glitter, pirates often wore rings on their fingers. For example, the most famous fictional sea brigand, Jack Sparrow, wore 4 rings in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga. In reality, wearing a ring on a specific finger has a particular meaning, well known to pirates. Indeed, they translate the personality of the buccaneer who wears them according to the following:
  • The thumb symbolizes independence and positivity
  • The index finger is more for captains, leaders of men, a sign of responsibility
  • A ring on the middle finger shows a sign of power
  • On the ring finger it symbolizes passion, love and compassion
  • Finally, on the little finger it represents intuition and emotions
In addition to the finger chosen, the appearance of the pirate ring is also very important. A skull and crossbones ring brings out the darker side of the wearer, spreading fear and death around, especially appreciated by rebellious spirits. A compass rose ring orients its wearer to a future full of riches while the anchor ring favors luck and the favors of the sea. Without forgetting that the primary role of a ring, which is to make the hands of the wearer shine. Our pirate rings go perfectly with a trendy style or biker, they can accompany you in costume parties or simply for your daily life.


The golden age of pirates lasted only twenty years, but the trace left by buccaneers and privateers is still very present today. Their ideology, extravagance and love for freedom make them charismatic and fascinating characters in our history. Wearing pirate jewelry, pays tribute to them and brings a certain charm to his style. Pirate skull rings are particularly attractive to bikers, goths, metalheads or anarchists, all those who have a rebellious side in them. Compass rings, anchors or compasses are more subtle for people with a sailor's heart, lovers of adventure.


If you're looking for a pirate ring for men, you've come to the right place. Express your personality by decorating your hands with one or more pirate rings on your fingers. Symbols of masculine power and virility, our pirate rings for men are usually large in size and shape, usually approximating the signet ring.


Women are not left out with our pirate rings for women. Who said they were only for men? Discover our skull and crossbones rings with a diamond-like stone or S925 silver rings for women. As a gift for Valentine's Day or for a birthday, our pirate rings will be perfect for rebels and lovers of pirate symbols.


Just as high quality as silver, the stainless steel ring offers a wide range of fascinating designs. Every sailor will find the right ring style: compass rings, privateer rings, skull and crossbones rings, compass rose rings, Pirates of the Caribbean rings, anchor rings, ship rings, rudder rings, mermaid rings, fishbone rings, punk rings, rock rings, metal rings or biker rings.


Buying the right ring for your finger can be complicated without guidance. But rest assured, at Sons of Pirate, we'll help you find the right ring for your finger with our ring size guide. Our models are available in several sizes so that everyone can have the opportunity to become a pirate. Did you find the right ring for you? Now don't hesitate to complete your jewelry collection with our bracelets, necklaces and earrings, so you can become the classiest sailor in our pirate haven.