Luffy Crew Straw Hat

At the beginning of One Piece, Luffy had a dream: to become the greatest pirate in the world and find the treasure of One Piece. After nearly a thousand episodes of the “infinite anime”, the leader of the Straw Hat Pirates has a loyal and powerful crew that inspires other pirates around the world. Learn (or memorize) information about each member of Luffy’s crew, such as their history, their powers, which arc of the anime they appeared in, and whether they have an Akuma no Mi.

All of Luffy's Crew Straw Hat Pirates

1/ Monkey D. Luffy

  • When he created the crew : East Blue Saga / Romance Dawn arc / Episodes 1 and 2
  • Akuma no Mi or Demon Fruit : Gomu Gomu no Mi (Rubber Fruit)
  • Role in the crew of the Straw Hat : Captain

Captain Luffy’s History :

Luffy is the grandson of Monkey D. Garp, a naval vice admiral and sworn enemy of Gol D. Roger, who made world history as the king of pirates and the first owner of the One Piece treasure. Yet from a young age, Luffy wanted to follow in the footsteps of the pirates he admired, such as Shanks and Roger himself. As a child, he accidentally ingested Gomu Gomu no Mi, a fruit that gave him rubber powers, abilities that he develops considerably throughout the anime, developing different movements.

As an adult, “Straw Hat Luffy”, as the protagonist is known, founded his own crew, the Straw Hat Pirates. As captain of the crew, Luffy travels the Grand Line recruiting new members and battling various enemies in order to fulfill his dream of becoming the new pirate king and finding the treasure of One Piece. Along the way, the young pirate has gained a worldwide reputation for being almost insane for having already attacked the three most important government facilities and escaped alive.

Currently, Luffy is part of the group known as the “Worst Generation,” which recognizes the 12 pirates whose daring actions against the world government have earned them a bounty of over $100,000,000. Luffy’s is $1,500,000,000.

Luffy Jolly Roger One Piece

Luffy’s Powers :

  • Superhuman physical abilities : in addition to increased speed, agility, and reflexes, Luffy possesses incredible strength, capable of shattering hard materials like steel and concrete.
  • Healing Ability : In addition to the resistance his rubber skills give him, Luffy can heal himself from intense attacks.
  • Haki : By being able to use all three forms of Haki (one of the few people known to possess this ability), Luffy can increase his powers and abilities and predict attacks.
  • Akuma no Mi : During his journey and training, Luffy has developed various techniques that combine his fighting skills with his rubber powers, usually using features such as stretching certain parts of his body to be able to hit enemies from a distance or with more power.
Zoro One Piece

2/ Roronoa Zoro

  • When he joined the crew : East Blue Saga / Romance Dawn Arc / Episode 3
  • Akuma no Mi or Demon Fruit : None
  • Role in the crew of the Straw Hat : Swordsman

Zoro Roronoa’s Story :

The first pirate to be recruited by Luffy into the Straw Hats – an invitation made in Episode 2 and officially accepted in Episode 3 – Zoro is also one of the four most powerful members of the group, and like his captain, he’s part of the worst generation, with a bounty of $320,000,000. While Luffy dreams of becoming the pirate king, Zoro’s dream is to one day become the best swordsman in the world.

Although he has a personality that mixes almost constant seriousness with goofy humor, Zoro won over fans of the anime and ended up becoming the comic relief of the episodes at times due to his complete lack of direction. Additionally, his friendship with Luffy is iconic. The pirate even accepted the invitation to join the Straw Hats after the captain saved his life.

He is often seen with his three swords. One of the mysteries surrounding Zoro came about after the time jump that occurred after the Marineford War Saga, when the pirate appeared with a scar that keeps his left eye permanently closed. The lack of explanation about this injury has already given rise to various theories among fans.

Zoro Jolly Roger One Piece

Zoro’s powers :

  • Ittoryu, Nitoryu, and Santoryu : Zoro has mastered Ittoryu (one-sword style), Nitoryu (two-sword style), and developed Santoryu (three-sword style) on his own. In the latter, he uses a sword in each hand while carrying another one in his mouth. These three styles are used for high speed and air blast attacks. Santoryu allows him to combine both types of attacks into one technique.
  • Flying Punch Attack : A ranged attack in which Zoro hits his enemy with the air pressure he causes with his sword strikes.
  • Kyutoryu (Ashura form) : Zoro is able to contact the Ashura entity, a connection from which he has awakened a sword style in which he gains the temporary appearance of having six arms and three heads, thus being able to use nine swords at once.
Nami One Piece

3/ Nami

  • When she joined the crew : East Blue Saga / Orange Village Arc / Episode 6
  • Akuma no Mi or Demon Fruit : None
  • Role in the Straw Hat crew : Cartographer and Treasurer

Nami’s History :

Before becoming the third member of the Straw Hats, Nami even infiltrated the group with the intention of robbing them. Let’s take it easy! The young woman lost her parents in the war as a child and was adopted by Bell-mère, a navy woman. All was well until the pirate Arlong came to the village where they lived, killed Nami’s adoptive mother and kidnapped the girl to make maps for her, a trade she had always shown an aptitude for.

Nami spent eight years under Arlong’s rule, until she was given a mission to try to steal the straw hats. Much to her surprise, Luffy’s crew managed to rebel and defeat Arlong. Since then, around episode 6, she joined Luffy and Zoro and began acting as the team’s cartographer and treasurer, her dream of making a map of the entire world remaining her motivation.

Add to that Nami’s skills as a navigator and her powers to change time, and it’s clear that her addition to the crew was indeed important. Her reward is $66,000,000.

Nami Jolly Roger One Piece

Nami’s powers :

  • Weather Art : The sensitivity that Nami already possessed in weather sensing was channeled into the Clima-Tact artifact, a sort of stick created by Usopp (more on that later) with which she can monitor the weather conditions near her location. From this new ability, the pirate has developed different fighting techniques.
  • Perfect Clima-Tact : Nami can create doubles of herself using mist (after an upgrade of Clima-Tact).
  • Clima-Tact Sorcery : Nami uses Clima-Tact to control lightning and use it as a weapon (after the time jump).
  • Fourth Clima-Tact : With the new Clima-Tact created by Usopp and Franky, Nami intensifies the power of all her techniques.
Usopp One Piece

4/ Usopp

  • When he joined the crew : Enter in Saga East Blue / Arc Village de Sirop (episodes 9 to 18).
  • Leaves him in Saga Water 7 / Arc Water 7 (Episodes 227 to 265)
  • Comes back in Saga Water 7 / Arc of Post-Enies Lobby (313 to 325 episodes)
  • Akuma no Mi or Demon Fruit : None
  • Role in the Straw Hat crew : Sniper

Ussop History :

The origin of his name (“Uso” in Japanese means “lie” or “falsehood”), his long nose, and his constant fantastical stories have earned Usopp a reputation as a liar in jest. However, the pirate is a sensitive man, and his incredible tales have even appeared as a defense mechanism, a way he found as a child to cope with the death of his mother and the abandonment of his father.

His sensitivity and insecurity from his traumatic past have already caused him to abandon the Straw Hats, the crew of which he became the fourth member during the Syrup Village arc. After joining the group with the dream, despite all his fears, of becoming a great pirate, he clashes with Luffy and doesn’t feel good enough to be part of the crew. Usopp, on the other hand, not only returns to the team, in the Ennis Lobby Arc, but shows great development during the course of the anime.

After the time jump, the pirate has demonstrated his mastery of our fighting techniques. In addition, he relies on his innate marksmanship and creativity to develop various inventions, including the Clima-Tact, an artifact through which Nami controls the weather. Unsurprisingly, Usopp’s reward, once $30,000,000, is now $200,000,000.

Usopp Jolly Roger One Piece

Usopp’s powers :

  • Shooting : Usopp is an expert marksman who uses his incredible accuracy and engineering knowledge to hit targets at great distances, either with his slingshot or his guns.
  • Inventions : In addition to the Clima-Tact, Usopp created his Kabuto gun, a kind of slingshot with five connected rubber bands, which allows for even greater strength and accuracy of fire.
Sanji One Piece

5/ Sanji

  • When he joined the crew : East Blue Saga / Baratie Arc / Episode 30
  • Akuma no Mi or Demon Fruit : None
  • Role in the Straw Hat crew : Cook

Sanji’s History :

Sanji is the third son of the noble Vinsmoke family, and grew up with a lot of abuse from his relatives. His siblings bullied him as a child, scorning his attitude toward feeding those whom his father deemed inferior and to whom he paid no attention. The patriarch saw his son as the shame of the family. Sanji renounced his title as prince of the kingdom of Germa and cut ties with everyone when he was only eight years old.

The boy crossed the red line to East Blue, where he worked as a cook on a ship until he was rescued from a shipwreck by Sub-Chief Zeff. Sanji eventually became Zeff’s apprentice for years at the restaurant, where he once met Luffy. After Sanji got into a fight with a Navy lieutenant for wasting food, he ended up feeding a hungry fugitive on the sly. The captain of the Straw Hats sees his gesture and invites him to join the crew.

After several conflicts with different enemies, Sanji accepts Luffy’s invitation only at the end of the Baratie arc, in episode 30, also motivated by his dream of finding the supposed paradise of the chiefs, All Blue, a legendary mystical sea where East Blue, West Blue, North Blue and South Blue would meet, with fauna and flora from the four oceans. As the fifth member of the group, where he became a chef, Sanji quickly rose to fame, and is now one of the four best fighters in the crew – alongside Luffy, Zoro and Jinbe – and the holder of the third highest bounty in the team, worth $330,000,000.

Sanji Jolly Roger One Piece

Sanji’s Powers :

  • Superhuman Physical Abilities : his training has given him incredible strength, speed, and endurance; Sanji is able to destroy even metal with his physical strength alone.
  • Unique fighting style : By combining fighting techniques such as capoeira, taekwondo and savate, Sanji has developed his own fighting style, creating techniques with which he can, for example: run underwater, jump from great heights and move by creating sound barriers in the air with his speed.
  • Devil Leg : In this technique, Sanji increases the temperature of his legs until they take on the appearance and power of living fire.
  • Haki : the pirate is able to use the Kenbunshoku Haki, with which he can sense the presence of other people even at a great distance, and the Busoshoku Haki. With the latter, he can create a kind of invisible armor around him.
Tony Tony Chopper One Piece

6/ Tony Tony Chopper

  • When he joined the crew : Saga Alabasta / Drum Island arc / Episode 91
  • Akuma no Mi or Demon Fruit : Hito Hito no Mi (Human-Human Fruit)
  • Role in the crew of the Straw Hat : Doctor

Tony Tony Chopper’s Story :

The sixth member of the Straw Hats and one of the few to be born in the Grand Line, Tony Tony Chopper was an ordinary reindeer until he ingested the Hito Hito no Mi fruit, which gave him not only humanoid characteristics, but also great intelligence and the ability to change his body’s physical form. After initial disastrous interactions with humans, Chopper was rescued by Dr. Hiriluk, who helped the young reindeer become a doctor, attending Dr. Kureha’s classes for six years.

Relaxed, he is one of the first to participate in the antics of Luffy and Usopp. His first contact with the group, however, was not exactly positive. His distrust of humans was only reinforced by Luffy and Sanji’s jokes about cooking him. Chopper’s medical skills, however, prompted Luffy to invite him to join the crew, an invitation he accepts at the end of the Drum Island arc in episode 91, motivated also by the memory of Dr. Hiruluk’s wish for him to travel the world and expand his medical horizons.

By controlling more and more the powers that Hito Hito no Mi gave him, he was able to take seven different forms. Growing his hair, increasing his muscles, decreasing his weight and improving his speed are some of the characteristics he can obtain through these transformations.

Tony Tony Chopper Jolly Roger One Piece

Tony Tony Chopper’s Powers :

  • Horn point : makes his horns grow.
  • Jump Point : Turns into a more human, bipedal form and increases the size of his legs to gain speed and make big jumps.
  • Arm Point : Expands his muscles into a humanoid form that makes his front hooves extremely strong.
  • Monster Point : Chopper grows to over 20 feet tall, gains monstrous strength and three horns.
  • Guard Point : His fur grows to avoid external attacks like armor.
Nico Robin One Piece

7/ Nico Robin

  • When he joined the crew : Enters at the end of the Alabasta Saga / Alabasta Arc (episodes 92 to 130);
  • Leaves at the end of the Water 7 Saga / Water 7 Arc (Episodes 227 to 265)
  • Also returns in the Water 7 Saga / Enies Lobby Arc (266 to 312 episodes)
  • Akuma no Mi or Demon Fruit : Hana Hana no Mi (Flower Fruit)
  • Role in the crew of the Straw Hat : Archaeologist and historian

Nico Robin History :

Although she was introduced before Chopper, Nico Robin was initially a secondary antagonist in the Alabasta Saga, during which she was known as Miss All Sunday. She only joined Luffy’s team after the arrival of the Reindeer Doctor. She even left the group once and didn’t officially join the team until the end of the Enies Lobby arc.

Seventh member of the Straw Hats, Nico Robin is the archaeologist and historian of the group. The sole survivor of the island of Ohara, she is currently the only person capable of reading the poneglyphs, an act considered a risk to the world government. She believes that her teammates not only saved her, but also revived her dream of attaining freedom to travel the world studying its mysteries. Her reward is $130,000,000.

In addition to the incredible physical fitness she has gained through a lifetime of battles and escapes, Nico ate the Hana Hana no Mi fruit, which gave her the ability to replicate parts of her body on any surface, whether it be objects, other living beings or her own body.

Nico Robin Jolly Roger One Piece

Nico Robin’s Powers:

  • Clutch : With this technique, she replicates her hands on her opponent’s back and uses them to attack them without them being able to retaliate.
  • Cuerpo Fleur : Doble Clutch : Nico creates a clone of herself and duplicates four extra arms for herself and her clone, increasing her attack power.
  • Ojos Fleur : Thanks to this spying technique, she is able to reproduce her eyes on an object or the body of another person, even at a long distance.
  • Oreja Fleur : Also useful to obtain classified information, she replicates her ears wherever she wants.
Franky One Piece

8/ Franky

  • When she joined the crew : Saga Water 7 / Enies Lobby Arc / Episode 322
  • Akuma no Mi or Demon Fruit : None
  • Role in the Straw Hat crew : Carpenter

Franky’s Story :

In the Water 7 saga, we meet the one who will become the eighth pirate to join Luffy’s crew. However, just like Nico Robin, the character starts his trajectory as an antagonist. A 36-year-old cyborg, he is the head of the Franky family, who worked in shipbreaking. However, during the Water 7 arc, the group and the Straw Hats become allies and the Franky family allows Franky to join the crew to one day fulfill his dream of building and leading a ship powerful enough to sail around the world.

Within the group, Franky has become one of the more thoughtful and mature members, although his slightly eccentric behavior initially gives the wrong impression. Always concerned about his teammates, he risks his life to protect the team and anyone they pursue, because to him, no one should be judged for who they are. His reward is $94 million.

Franky Jolly Roger One Piece

Franky’s Powers :

  • Superhuman Strength : Even when dangerously injured, Franky remains one of the strongest members of the crew.
  • Weapon Skills : Franky can use any weapon he can get his hands on with great dexterity. In addition, he includes weapons in his own cyborg body.
  • Improved Hearing : The pirate is able to hear spoken information and other sounds, even at great distances.
  • Intelligence : Franky is a shipbuilding genius, with knowledge of engineering and carpentry, able to create large and incredibly technological objects with ease.
Brook One Piece

9/ Brook

When he joined the crew: Saga Thriller Bark / Arc Thriller Bark / Episode 381
Akuma no Mi or Demon Fruit: Yomi Yomi no Mi (Fruit of Rebirth)
Role in the Straw Hat crew: Swordsman and musician

Brooke’s Story :

The ninth pirate to join the Straw Hat crew, Brook was found by Luffy and his crew on a ghost island known as Thriller Bark in the Florian Triangle. The pirate lived there for nearly 50 years after the death of his crew, falling victim to diseases and various enemies, surviving only because of the Yomi Yomi no Mi fruit, which gave him a second life as an immortal skeleton.

Brook ended up helping Luffy and his crew to fight against the dangerous sea warlord Gecko Moria, and at the end of the Thriller Bark arc, episode 381 to be precise, the musician asked Luffy to join the crew, a request immediately accepted by the captain. In the crew, in addition to being a musician, he is the second swordsman – Zoro being the first. His bounty is 83 million dollars.

Underneath his eccentric and comical personality, Brook is extremely sensitive. His desire to join the crew is justified by both his passion for sailing and his dream of one day reuniting with the whale Laboon, who was adopted as his former crew’s mascot.

Brook Jolly Roger One Piece

Brook’s Powers:

Music: In addition to entertaining with his art, Brook is able to use his music to influence people, and even put opponents to sleep. He can play any instrument.
Fencing: Extremely skilled with a sword, he has a strong fighting presence.
Enhanced Physical Abilities: His new skeletal body has given him great speed, and even the ability to jump extraordinarily high and run on water.
Astral projection: Brook has learned to project his mind and is able to leave his skeleton behind while moving as a disembodied soul.

Jinbei One Piece

10/ Jinbei

  • When he joined the crew : Four Emperors Saga / Tougato Island Arc / Episode 833
  • Akuma no Mi or Demon Fruit : None
  • Role in the Straw Hat crew : Helmsman

Jinbei’s History :

The tenth member of the Straw Hat Pirates, Jinbei – or Jinbe – is a fish-man of the whale shark species. During the famous Marineford War saga in episode 430, he meets Luffy and his crew and ends up helping them in the deadly confrontation. The captain of the Straw Hat invites Jinbei to join the crew in episode 568 (at the end of the Island of the Fishmen saga), but it is only some time after the two-year time jump that he accepts the invitation. In episode 833 of the Tougato Island arc, Jinbei teams up with the crew to stop the New Fishmen Pirates’ plan to stage a coup against the Ryugu Kingdom. From there, he ends up joining the group.

His great dream is to one day achieve a peaceful and equal coexistence between the fish-men and the humans, as his former captain Fisher Tiger dreamed. His reward is 438 million dollars and he is the helmsman of the crew.

Jinbei Jolly Roger One Piece

Jinbei’s Powers :

  • Superhuman Physical Abilities : In addition to possessing incredible strength and speed, Jinbei has a high tolerance for pain.
  • Fishman’s Karate : Jinbei is a master of Fishman’s Karate, a martial art that allows the pirate to strike enemies at long range using water particles in the air to deliver his blows; it allows him to control water (even the water inside people) and communicate with other sea creatures.